she’s baaaaaaack…

Well. Almost.

I really didn’t mean to take such a long hiatus – it just kinda happened. Sorry!


peanut butter chocolate blossoms

These Peanut Butter Chocolate Blossoms have the flavours and texture you'll love – creamy and peanut-buttery, with a crunchy coating. I love this cookie!

I really try to make a variety of cookies and flavours each week (if it’s left up to me, I’d probably make nothing but chocolate cookies). My coworkers are always happy with any variation of chocolate chip and oatmeal, but the one that seems to make everyone happy is peanut butter. My coworkers would be thrilled if I made peanut butter cookies week after week. Well, the last couple of weeks, they got their wish. I’ve said before that I don’t make the same recipe more than once (except in specific circumstances, like these peanut butter butterscotch chip cookies that I needed to re-make to test the recipe again). But a couple weeks ago, I made a peanut butter cookie that didn’t turn out quite right. Some experimenting was in order. So we had peanut butter cookies two weeks in a row. My coworkers were thrilled(more…)

milk chocolate pistachio cookies

If you like pistachios, you'll love these Milk Chocolate Pistachio Cookies, loaded with both milk chocolate chips and pistachios, and so full of flavour!

The other day one of my coworkers was snacking on pistachios (sooooo many pistachios), and I found myself wondering why don’t I bake with them more often? They’re so delicious, and I could seriously eat an entire batch of these lemon pistachio biscotti all by myself (I can and I have). I’m not the only one who loves them, right? Well as I was flipping through my cookbooks trying to decide what to make, I stumbled upon this recipe for milk chocolate pistachio cookies. And that’s all I could think about. Luckily, I knew I bought a couple bags of pistachios the last time I stocked up on baking ingredients, and I always have lots of chocolate (all kinds – seriously, so much chocolate), so I was ready to go.  (more…)

double chocolate cranberry cookies

This Double Chocolate Cranberry Cookie is for true chocoholics – a rich, moist chocolate cookie, loaded with even more chocolate chunks plus tart dried cranberries.

I knew exactly what cookie I wanted to make this week. I bought all the ingredients and everything. And then I couldn’t remember which cookbook I saw it in! Seriously you guys, I flipped through all my cookbooks and I’m starting to think I imagined this cookie. I was sure I knew which book it was in. Ack. Oh well (this is really going to bug me). So while I was looking for the one I wanted to make but couldn’t find, I found another one that sounded really good. Okay, let’s be honest – I found lots that sounded good. But there was one that I really wanted today. A rich chocolate cookie with dried cranberries. I’ve made similar cookies in the past, not too long ago in fact, but I’m always game to try a new take on it.  (more…)

double chocolate reese’s pieces cookies

Double Chocolate Reese's Pieces Cookies – rich chocolate cookies loaded with lots of dark chocolate chips, with bursts of peanut butter flavour throughout!

Most weeks when I choose what to bake, I end up just idly flipping through the pages of my cookbooks looking for inspiration. Something that catches my eye. Or at least something that I have all the ingredients for. Occasionally, however, I find myself trying to satisfy a particular craving. This is one of those weeks. When I was going through my ingredient bin last week (yes, I have a giant bin full of various types of chocolate chips and other stuff), I found some Mini Reese’s Pieces that I’d bought with no particular recipe in mind and never got around to using. And I couldn’t stop thinking about them. So this week I really wanted to use them. I was toying with the idea of going full peanut flavour and adding them to some peanut butter cookies, but then I thought about intensely chocolatey cookies, studded with little nuggets of peanut butter flavour. Yes. That’s what I wanted. I have a go-to chocolate cookie recipe that I use to play with various additions, so I started there. I made sure there were lots of chocolate chips in there too, because I really wanted a chocolate cookie. And then I loaded it up with the Reese’s Pieces. First one I tried out of the oven? Perfect. Exactly what I was hoping for!  (more…)

chunky bar cookies

These Chunky Bar Cookies will remind you of the candy bar of the same name – loaded with lots of chocolate, raisins, and crunchy toasted nuts!

This is another recipe that I stumbled upon ages ago, and flagged because I thought it sounded so good. It’s based off the flavour of a Chunky chocolate bar (yum!) – loaded with lots of chocolate, raisins, and nuts. Sounds good, right? So why haven’t I made it before now? Well, let’s be honest. Most people aren’t crazy about raisins in cookies. I know there are some fans out there and right now they’re probably sputtering “but they’re delicious!” But really, honestly, do you think everyone else feels the same way? Nah. But that just means more raisin cookies for you. Yay!  (more…)

peanut butter butterscotch chip cookies – revisited

Butterscotch combines with peanut butter to create a totally new flavour, in these Peanut Butter Butterscotch Chip Cookies.

I’ve got a rule here for this blog – I never make the same recipe twice. Sometimes to my coworkers’ displeasure. There have been several times over the past few years that cookies have been specifically requested, and I’ve had to say “nope.” The only exception is when I’m making alterations to a recipe – adding different flavours or inclusions, like I do with these chocolate cookies that have appeared again and again, but never the same way twice. I’ve never made the exact same recipe twice since I’ve started this blog. Until today. A few years ago I made what I thought were some pretty amazing cookies – peanut butter with both melted butterscotch chips and whole butterscotch chips mixed in. They were a unique flavour, and had a tender almost creamy texture. So why have people left comments complaining the cookies came out too crumbly? One person went so far as to say it was a bad recipe.

So yes, we’re revisiting this recipe to figure out what’s going on.  (more…)

mexican chocolate snickerdoodles

These Mexican Chocolate Snickerdoodles are soft chocolate cookies with a bit of added heat from some cayenne pepper, coated in sweet cinnamon sugar.

I wasn’t particularly craving anything this week, so I just flipped through the pages of my cookbooks until something caught my eye. This cookie right here sounded amazing. Chocolate cookies with a bit of cayenne pepper for heat, rolled in cinnamon sugar. Delicious! I love the contrast between sweetness and heat – think mango salsa, or these delicious peach jalapeño popsicles I made a couple years ago.  (more…)

triple chocolate pecan cookies

Triple Chocolate Pecan Cookies – soft and chewy, loaded with milk, white, and dark chocolate chips, and topped by a crunchy toasted pecan.

I’m gonna be honest, I wasn’t really in the mood to bake this week. If you read about my troubles with finding a new apartment, you know I have an old kitty with some health issues. Sadly, she’s been having a bad few days and all my energy has been going to taking care of her. It’s also the reason you didn’t see a new post last week. She’s doing a bit better now – eating a little more, and looking a little happier. But still, it was an emotionally draining week. And come Sunday (cookie day for me), I was looking for something really easy to make that didn’t require any special preparation or ingredients. This cookie right here fit the bill. And let me just say, you guys are lucky I chose this one, because this is a really good cookie. A soft chocolate chip cookie with three kinds of chocolate (and lots of it), topped off with a crunchy toasted pecan. The cookie jar was almost completely empty by the end of the first day.  (more…)

cherry chocolate chip cookies

Soft and chewy Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies, packed full of tons of chocolate chips and tart dried cherries.

I saw this recipe while I was looking for last week’s jam thumbprint cookies recipe. I was almost tempted away from making the heart cookies when I read these ingredients, but I managed to convince myself to hold off on this one for a week. Don’t they sound amazing? Soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies, absolutely bursting with chocolate (3 cups!), plus tart dried cherries. Spoiler alert – they really are as good as they sound.  (more…)

heart-shaped jam thumbprint cookies

big photo

Perfectly soft and buttery little heart-shaped jam thumbprint cookies.

Because I’m a sap, I really wanted to make some heart-themed cookies for Valentine’s day this year. I missed last year, but in the past I’ve made sparkling sugar cookie hearts and heart-shaped linzer cookies. I didn’t want to just do another heart-shaped cookie cutter this year though (not to mention the fact that all my cookie cutters are still buried in a box somewhere). And then I thought of those delicious jam thumbprints I made for our cookie exchange in December. Remember I was wondering why I only ever see them at that time of year? So I decided to extend their season a bit, and make them heart-shaped.  (more…)

melt-in-your-mouth peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

These Melt-in-your-mouth Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies have absolutely perfect texture and flavour, with just the right amount of chocolate chips inside. My new favourite peanut butter cookie!

I know I just made some peanut butter cookies a few weeks ago (at the request of a pregnant co-worker), but I was totally craving something peanut buttery this week. I’d always believed that the best peanut butter cookies were the crumbly kind. But I’ve made lots of different peanut butter cookies over the years, and I’ve discovered a new favourite peanut butter cookie, which was surprisingly soft and chewy and had just a hint of cinnamon. That is still definitely a favourite, but this cookie has earned the new top spot for the crumbly shortbread-y texture. Wow, is this ever a good cookie. It has amazing peanut butter flavour, the perfect amount of chocolate, and it seriously does melt in your mouth. I totally want to bake another batch just for me.  (more…)

kitchen sink cinnamon chip cookies

Kitchen Sink Cinnamon Chip Cookies – chock full of crunchy walnuts, toasted coconut, plus lots of chocolate chips and cinnamon chips!

This is a recipe that I flagged ages ago because I was intrigued by the combination of flavours, but I had to put it aside because there was one odd ingredient that I was missing. Cinnamon chips. Have you heard of them? I hadn’t! King Arthur Flour makes them and apparently so does Hershey’s – they’re just like chocolate or butterscotch chips, except cinnamon-flavoured. Unfortunately, I never did find anything like that locally, but I found something different (also called cinnamon chips) that are literally little chips of cinnamon-sugar. So I bought them instead. And then I kept putting this recipe aside because I had so many other things to make. But today I came upon it again, and this time I knew I had all the ingredients so I decided to go for it.  (more…)

double chocolate pistachio orange cookies

Double Chocolate Pistachio Orange Cookies – rich chocolate cookies with crunchy pistachios and sweet tart candied orange peel. Delicious!

So you know that candied orange peel I made a couple weeks ago? This is the cookie that I needed it for. I’ve had my eye on this recipe for awhile, but I’ve never had quite all the ingredients at the same time. I bought a supply of pistachios a while ago with this cookie in mind, but every time I thought to make it, I’d realize I’d forgotten about the candied peel component. This time, however, I made sure I had everything I needed, including some oranges to make that candied peel. And I remembered to actually make the candied peel the day before, too.  (more…)

candied orange peel revisited

Candied orange peel is deceptively simple to make and loaded with flavour! It can be eaten as-is (delicious!) or used in other recipes.

I once again found myself needing to make some candied orange peel for a cookie recipe – I went so long without ever making it until that first time, but since then I feel like I’ve made it so many times it’s starting to feel like old hat! The first time I made it, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing and couldn’t believe that I was somehow going to make orange peels edible. Those were the bits that got tossed in the compost, not eaten. And yet I did. And while it took a bit of time, it really wasn’t hard at all. And so very delicious.  (more…)