butterscotch chocolate chip cookies

Butterscotch Chocolate Chip Cookies, moist and chewy, loaded with lots of chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, and crunchy toasted walnuts.

Making those butterscotch lollipops a few weeks ago reminded me how much I love butterscotch (so much!), so when I saw this recipe? I knew this was what I’d be making this week. Butterscotch alone is good, but combined with chocolate it’s even better (it works amazingly with peanut butter too – seriously, you should try these peanut butter butterscotch cookies!). This little cookie was hugely popular among my coworkers. I saw one person walking away with a whole handful of them, and another person told me very seriously that this may be his new favourite cookie. And you’ll note that I’ve tagged this as a personal favourite too. Yup, this is a good cookie.  (more…)

white chocolate chip fudge cookies

White Chocolate Chip Fudge Cookies – a moist, chewy, fudge-y cookie studded with lots of sweet white chocolate chips. This one's a favourite!

There’s a lot of chocolate in these cookies – two kinds of melted chocolate, plus lots of cocoa powder. And as if that’s not enough, then we add lots and lots of white chocolate chips. Normally I’m not a fan of white chocolate, but here it’s a really nice counterbalance to all the dark chocolate in the cookie itself. The resulting cookie is dense and chewy, and the combination of all that chocolate plus brown sugar and molasses (did I mention there’s molasses in here too?) really tastes like old-fashioned fudge. This cookie is definitely a winner.  (more…)

orange chocolate chip biscotti

Orange Chocolate Chip Biscotti – orange biscotti with lots of chocolate chips, perfectly crunchy and tender. Just right for dipping in coffee!

The last time I brought in biscotti, no one seemed very excited by it. It all got eaten, but no one went “oooooh biscotti!!!” (for the record? that would totally be my reaction). This time? Lots of excited noises. I don’t know if they learned how good biscotti can be after the last ones I brought in, or if it’s just a different group of people I’m hearing from this time. But I’m definitely hearing a lot of “ooooh biscotti!!!” and lots of happy yummy noises. And I’m seeing a pretty empty cookie jar.  (more…)

cranberry-cherry coconut oatmeal cookies

Cranberry Cherry Coconut Oatmeal Cookies – tart dried cranberries and cherries are a great contrast to the sweet coconut in this chewy oatmeal cookie!

I’m a big fan of the combination of coconut and oatmeal, so that alone drew me in to this recipe. The addition of a mix of dried fruit made it even more appealing. I thought some tart dried cranberries sounded like a fantastic contrast to the sweet coconut. Unfortunately I didn’t have quite enough cranberries for the recipe, so I did half cranberries and half tart cherries, and I think that made them even better than I was hoping! And yes, I was right – it is a fantastic contrast. This is a really good cookie. The combination of dried fruit and coconut gives this cookie an almost tropical feel, and the tartness of the cherries and cranberries helps to offset the sweetness of the cookie.  (more…)

old-fashioned butterscotch lollipops

big photo

Deliciously buttery and caramelly Old-Fashioned Butterscotch Lollipops. For kids of all ages!

I’m a fan of butterscotch, and every time I bring butterscotch cookies to work, or anything with butterscotch chips in it, I realize that a lot of my coworkers are fans too. But when I think of butterscotch – true butterscotch – I think of butterscotch pudding my mom made when I was a kid, or those old hard candies that your grandma maybe had in a bowl on her coffee table – it’s an old-fashioned flavour, right? But it’s delicious! It should be more popular! I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m making it my mission – I’m seeking out and making every butterscotch cookie recipe I can find. And apparently candy, too. We’re bringing butterscotch back.  (more…)

nutty triple chocolate brownie cookies

Nutty Triple Chocolate Brownie Cookies – rich chocolate cookies loaded with both white and dark chocolate chips, plus two kinds of toasted nuts!

Let me start off by saying omg, this is a good cookie. I was tempted to double this recipe when I saw it only had 1 cup of flour – that seems like a pretty small recipe when compared to what I usually make. But then I saw all the other stuff in there and changed my mind. Good thing too. Because while the original recipe says it will only make 2 dozen cookies, those cookies are humongous, made with 1/4 cup of dough each. I made them smaller (as I always do) and got a very respectable 65 cookies. But they were so good, they didn’t last long in the cookie jar.  (more…)

chewy peanut butter cookies

Soft & chewy peanut butter cookies – the flavour and texture that everybody loves!

I’ve made a lot of peanut butter cookies in the past few years, but I’m not hearing any complaints. I think I could bring peanut butter cookies in every week and I still wouldn’t hear complaints – it’s a cookie everyone is always happy to see. And luckily there are a lot of variations out there, so I don’t think we’ll be running out of recipes any time soon. Whether it’s a crisp peanut butter cookie, or a soft one, whether it’s got crunchy nuts or chocolate chips added, or is just plain peanut butter like this one – it’s all good.  (more…)

ultimate kitchen sink cookies

These really are the Ultimate Kitchen Sink Cookies – coconut, oatmeal, rich dark chocolate, toasted pecans, and little bursts of sweetness from the toffee bits.

I’m sure we’ve all had kitchen sink cookies – those cookies that you just throw a little of everything into, that end up with a variety of flavours and textures. I’m a big fan. I’ve certainly made them, and I even favourited the last ones I made (delicious chocolate kitchen sink cookies). Well guess what. I’m favouriting this recipe too. It may not look like much, but this is a good cookie.   (more…)

old-fashioned snickerdoodles

These Old-Fashioned Snickerdoodles are perfectly soft with a slightly tangy flavour, coated with that classic combination of sugar and cinnamon.

These Old-Fashioned Snickerdoodles are perfectly soft with a slightly tangy flavour, coated with that classic combination of sugar and cinnamon.

For a classic cookie, it’s surprising that the only snickerdoodles I’ve ever eaten are the ones I’ve made myself. Are they just not a thing up here in Canada? I’ve made a few different recipes over the years – what I thought was a classic snickerdoodle, snickerdoodles with molasses and nutmeg added, and even an oatmeal snickerdoodle. So what makes this particular cookie worthy of the name “old-fashioned snickerdoodle”? While all the others were certainly delicious, all were made with baking powder, rather than the combination of baking soda and cream of tartar that is what apparently makes a proper snickerdoodle cookie. I would have thought they’d behave basically the same way, as baking powder is essentially baking soda with an acid added. But upon further googling and reading, apparently the cream of tartar adds a certain tanginess to these cookies that’s missing when you just use baking powder.  (more…)

oatmeal salted caramel cookies

Oatmeal Salted Caramel Cookies – a perfectly chewy cookie, studded with crunchy pecans, lots of sweet caramel bits, and topped with a generous sprinkling of flaked sea salt.

Guess who just got a couple new cookbooks! I’m ridiculously excited. As if I don’t already have a large enough collection, I was browsing Amazon the other day and stumbled upon a book called Cookie Love. Of course I had to have it. And while I was adding that to my shopping cart, The Ultimate Cookie Book popped up in my suggested items. Twist my arm – I guess I had to have them both. I’ll admit, I’ve ordered one or two cookie books over the years that have been a bit underwhelming once I had them in my hands and had a chance to flip through them properly. These two, however, look really promising. Cookie Love is full of unique recipes and flavour combinations, while The Ultimate Cookie Book is a huge collection of traditional recipes and twists on old favourites. I’m looking forward to baking my way through both of them. I already have lots of recipes flagged, but I decided to start with this oatmeal salted caramel cookie. I’m a huge fan of both oatmeal cookies and salted caramels – combining the two sounded amazing.  (more…)

sour cream chocolate chip cookies

Sour Cream Chocolate Chip Cookies – soft and fluffy and moist, and absolutely loaded with chocolate chips.

Whenever I flip through my cookbooks trying to decide what to make each week, I always have a hard time narrowing it down. There are so many cookies that I want to try. Often it simply comes down to which recipe I have the ingredients for. A couple weeks ago, I came across this recipe for sour cream chocolate chip cookies. Now doesn’t that sound amazing? I would have made them right away, but of course I didn’t have any sour cream. That’s not something I usually have on-hand. So I added it to my shopping list and found something else to make instead. So this week, I was all set to make them! Imagine my surprise when I gave the recipe a more thorough read-through and saw that it also calls for raisins. Which I also don’t have. I still haven’t bought any since the last time I needed them and had to substitute currants because I didn’t have raisins. Oops. I really wanted to make these cookies, though, so I decided to just skip the raisins altogether and increase the amount of chocolate instead. Sound like a good compromise? I thought so.  (more…)

melt-in-your-mouth chocolate sugar cookies

The outside of these Chocolate Sugar Cookies may be crisp, but they almost melt in your mouth. And the flavour? Deliciously sweet and oh-so chocolate-y.

After making the chocolate biscotti a few weeks ago, I realized I haven’t been making many chocolate cookies lately. Oh, they’ve definitely had chocolate in them, but they haven’t been primarily chocolate. And as a chocoholic, I decided that needed to be fixed. So this week when I was flipping through recipes, trying to decide what to make, this one really jumped out at me. A nice simple sugar cookie, but a chocolate sugar cookie. Oh yes please.  (more…)

banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

You don't have to feel guilty eating these Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies for breakfast – they're dense and chewy and loaded with good stuff!

This week I found myself with some bananas that were just a bit past their prime. They’re usually way too green to eat when I buy them, so I set them aside to ripen (as you do). And sometimes I forget about them. Oops. Like this week. By the time I noticed them, they were way too ripe to use in my smoothies as I’d planned. So new plan. I made a couple batches of banana walnut muffins for myself (they freeze really well), and had just enough left over to make some banana oatmeal cookies as well. So everybody’s happy!  (more…)

chewy peanuty chocolate chip toffee cookies

These Chewy Peanuty Chocolate Chip Toffee Cookies really live up to their name – they're perfectly chewy, chocolate-y, peanut-y, with a little extra sweetness from the toffee bits. Delicious!

This week’s cookie was originally called “candy bar cookies”. Doesn’t that sound awesome? With a mixture of chocolate, toffee, and peanuts, it definitely does remind me of a few candy bars I’ve had. I think if you’re really wanting that “candy bar” flavour though, you’d be better off using milk chocolate chips instead of semisweet. But for cookies? I definitely prefer the semisweet.  (more…)

double chocolate hazelnut biscotti

Perfectly crispy and intensely chocolate-y, these Double Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti are great as-is, but even better when dipped in coffee. One of my favourites!

I feel like I’m getting into a bit of a rut, cookie-wise. Work has been pretty busy for me lately, and come Sunday afternoon when I start thinking about baking something, I’m usually tired and wanting to make something simple. Roll-out cookies? Nah. Let’s make chocolate chip drop cookies again! I’ve made so many variations of chocolate chip cookies, and peanut butter cookies, and oatmeal cookies. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that – everyone loves those cookies! They’re all definitely big crowd-pleasers. But I’m getting a bit bored. So while I still wanted something simple, I did want something a little different. And then I realized it’s been a reeeeally long time since I’ve made biscotti. In fact, I haven’t made any since the lemon pistachio biscotti I made a almost three years ago. Yikes! That’s been way too long.  (more…)