cakey chocolate chip cookies

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Cakey Chocolate Chip Cookies, beautifully soft and tender, and loaded with lots of chocolate chips in every bite.

This weekend I was just craving a chocolate chip cookie. Chocolate chip may sound like a really basic cookie, but there are sooooo many different ways to make them. Dense and chewy, crisp and crumbly, with nuts and all kinds of other inclusions (and that’s just a few examples – it’s never-ending!). This week we’re making a soft, cakey chocolate chip cookie. I know not everyone likes cakey cookies, but I’m definitely partial to those soft, fluffy little bites. And my coworkers always love them too.  (more…)

cherry popsicles

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Enjoy the bounty of summer with these delicious cherry popsicles. Sweet and juicy and full of flavour.

If you’ve read many of my posts, you’ll know that I generally prefer savoury things over sweet (which is really weird for someone with a baking blog, right?). I mean I love chocolate (loooooooove), and cakes and cookies and pies are always welcome, but I’m not a big fan of purely sugary sweets. I’ll pass on most candies. If I’m asked to choose between fruit or a vegetable? I’ll almost always go for the vegetable. I could eat an entire bag of fresh peas in one sitting, but if you offer me some cherries, I might have one or two if I have any at all.

I grew up in a small town with a lot of fruit orchards, and almost everyone had apple and cherry trees on their property. I distinctly remember my best friend and I climbing and parking ourselves up the cherry tree for the day, eating every cherry within reach (and hoping her parents didn’t see us and yell at us to come down and stop eating all their cherries). I don’t know if my tastes changed as I grew up, or if I just got it all out of my system when I was younger. Regardless, when I see fresh cherries at the farmers market, it just doesn’t really excite me. Meh. Which is unfortunate, because there are a lot of them, and I can acknowledge that they look amazing right now at their peak.  (more…)

chocolate s’mores cookies

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Chocolate S'mores Cookies – a delicious double chocolate cookie with a soft graham cracker coating and topped with gooey marshmallows.

I’m about to shock you all. Ready? I’ve never had a s’more. Yup. Crazy, right?? Seriously. Never. How, you ask? I’m guessing it’s simply because I never went to camp or joined Girl Guides or anything like that. And from what I hear, it’s one of those treats that you really only have when you’re camping. Am I right? I guess I was just never in the right place at the right time.

Well I’ve mentioned the last few months that I’ve been trying to make a certain s’mores cookie recipe that was requested by a coworker. This? This is not that cookie. Unfortunately the cookie in question requires refrigerating overnight after forming the cookies. And honestly, I just don’t have room for that in my fridge. So this cookie might just have to satisfy her craving. (spoiler – it totally did. she’s loving these!)  (more…)

volume vs weight measurements

volume vs weight measurements

You may have heard it said that if you want to get serious about baking, you should absolutely be measuring your ingredients by weight. If you already have a scale, check it out. Measure out a cup of flour and weigh it. Now measure another cup and weigh it too. Are they the same? Probably not. Whether or not you stir your flour first will make a difference, as will whether you scoop vs spoon your flour into the measuring cup.

They might not be off by much, but if your aim is to make multiple batches of something and get consistent results every time? Yeah, you’re definitely better off going with weights.

That said, keep in mind our parents and grandparents probably baked all their lives without kitchen scales. My mother didn’t even have a proper set of measuring spoons – she literally used a teaspoon and tablespoon from the cutlery drawer.  (more…)

raspberry basil popsicles

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Raspberry Basil Popsicles. All the lovely tart, sweet flavour of raspberries, cut slightly by spicy, earthy basil.

I’m still visiting the farmer’s market every weekend, and I just can’t say no to all of the lovely, plump berries in season right now. We’re nearing the end of the strawberries, but the raspberries still seem to be going strong. I’m not the type of person who will sit and snack on them on their own, but I’ll happily use them in smoothies or turn them into popsicles.  (more…)

strawberry balsamic popsicles

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Sweet and sour combine in a beautiful way in these strawberry balsamic popsicles. A classic combination of flavours.

Some flavour combinations are so natural it’s like they were just made for each other – like lime and coconut, chocolate and espresso, and of course peanut butter and chocolate. But then there are combinations that seem so opposite that they kind’ve catch us off guard, like rich chocolate with hot peppers, sweet peaches with spicy jalapeños, and tart apples with savoury cheese. This is one of those flavours that sound weird until you try it. Sweet strawberries with sour balsamic vinegar? Yup. Somehow those two flavours meet in the middle to create something unique and delicious.  (more…)

blueberry buttermilk popsicles

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Blueberry Buttermilk Popsicles – sweet and slightly tangy, cool and frosty, with a great blueberry flavour.

A couple weeks ago I made some lemon buttermilk popsicles, which I could have happily eaten all by myself. And I mentioned that a lot of people seemed really wary of eating them because of the word “buttermilk”. Weirdos. But eventually they tried them and loved them as much as I did. With that experience under their belts, I figured they’d be more accepting of another buttermilk recipe. And apparently I was right about that, because these were all gone within half a day. Plus “blueberry buttermilk” is a combination that I think we’re all a lot more familiar with.  (more…)

chocolate malted whopper cookies

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Chocolate Malted Whopper Cookies – delicious chocolate cookies with malt powder, chocolate whoppers, and chocolate chips.

When I was a kid, I’d heard of malted milk and chocolate malteds, but I’d never had one. I always imagined it was some sort of fancy milkshake or something. Of course I’d had chocolate malt balls (YUM) and robins eggs (also yum!) – I always loved those treats. Occasionally I’d get one of those awesome milk cartons full of Whoppers for Christmas – that was the best when I was a kid! But I never made the flavour connection between “malted milk” and “chocolate malt balls”. Duh. And it wasn’t until I was trying to come up with a homemade frappuccino recipe that I first bought some Ovaltine and discovered what it was all about. Have I mentioned “yum”? Yum.  (more…)

crispy rocky road bars

No-bake Crispy Rocky Road Bars – with chocolate, butterscotch, peanut butter, crispy rice cereal, and mini marshmallows. You'll love them!

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I’ve mentioned the last couple weeks that it’s unseasonably hot here in Vancouver. It’s still stupid hot. My kitchen was well above 30°C this weekend (that’s 86°F for you Americans). That? Is way too hot to be using the oven. Honestly, I didn’t even want to use my stove, but I’ve made a commitment to deliver a new treat each week, so I had to suck it up. Right? Ugh, right. And since the oven is out of the question, that means it’s no-bake season. Woo!  (more…)

lemon buttermilk popsicles

Lemon Buttermilk Popsicles – combining tart lemon and tangy buttermilk for a frosty, sweet, summer treat. This is one of my favourites!

Okay, first off? Don’t be scared off by the word “buttermilk”! I was shocked to discover how many of my coworkers heard it and envisioned some unholy blend of butter and milk. Now I’m not saying this is a healthy diet food (snerk! have you seen the types of things I make??), but it’s not the evil ingredient so many people think it is. It’s no worse than milk, honest. Surely we’ve all had buttermilk pancakes? Blueberry buttermilk muffins? Buttermilk fried chicken?  (more…)

raspberry cream sandwich cookies

These Raspberry Cream Sandwich Cookies combine a delicate vanilla cookie with a sweet cream filling made with real raspberries.

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I don’t know about where you are, but here? It’s berry season. It’s also farmer’s market season, and I am hitting the market every single weekend. Love it! Right now, I can pretty much guarantee I’m filling my shopping bags each week with early season blueberries (still slightly tart), English peas (lots – I could live on fresh peas!), young carrots, cucumbers, patty pan squash, plus anything else that catches my eye. Last weekend one of the farmers was selling hand-carved chopsticks. They were so gorgeous, I had to buy a couple pair. And right now, there are also tons of beautiful plump raspberries. Which reminded me, I’d flagged a recipe for some raspberry sandwich cookies awhile back. Time to make those, yes?  (more…)

chocolate knobs

Chocolate Knobs may not be the best name, but trust me – this is the best cookie. Dense and incredibly chocolate-y, with crunchy pecans for texture.

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Yes, you read that right. These cookies are called chocolate knobs. What a name, right? But that was the original name in the cookbook, and I wasn’t sure what else to call them. Chocolate cookies doesn’t do them justice – they are incredibly chocolate-y, especially considering they’re made with cocoa powder and not melted chocolate. But yes, they are chocolate-y. And dense, and gooey like a slightly under-baked brownie. I just couldn’t think of anything more descriptive for this cookie, and honestly, the name makes me giggle. Because apparently I’m 12. So chocolate knobs it is. (heh)  (more…)

chocolate toffee cookies

Chocolate Toffee Cookies – soft & chewy, dense and chocolatey, with lots of chocolate chips and bits of sweet toffee throughout.

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Once again I was going to make a cookie requested by one of my coworkers. Last week, I couldn’t make it because I didn’t realize the dough needed to be refrigerated. This time I knew that, but I just procrastinated too long. Oops. In my defence, I was binge-watching Archer on Netflix. Important stuff.

So we’re having chocolate cookies instead!

This is one of those recipes that’s like a brownie in cookie form (which reminds me – I need to make brownies one of these days). There’s a tiny bit of butter melted with chocolate (a half pound of chocolate! woof!), then mixed with sugar, eggs, and just a quarter cup of flour. And then? Two full cups of add-ins are stirred in to just over 2 cups of dough. I like those proportions!  (more…)

coconut lime popsicles

These coconut lime popsicles are creamy, delicious, and so refreshing for a hot summer day. Not to mention super easy to make.

I don’t know what the weather is like where you are, but it’s unseasonably warm here in Vancouver, and it’s feeling like popsicle season. Last year I don’t think I even started making popsicles until late July! I made a couple of different lime popsicles last summer – both of which were fantastic – and you can definitely expect to see more lime this year. I may have mentioned before, but I loooove citrus any time of year, but especially now. It’s such a refreshing summer flavour, right?  (more…)


These Snickerdoodles have the cinnamon flavour you'd expect, plus a bit of nutmeg and molasses for a slightly richer flavour.

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Unlike the last snickerdoodles I made (which were, incidentally, the first snickerdoodles I’d ever made – so I’m not exactly working with a wealth of experience here), these contain nutmeg and a bit of molasses, giving them a richer flavour. But just like the last ones, these didn’t spread or puff up or crack like they were supposed to. I’m determined to crack the snickerdoodles secret! I’m just going to have to keep trying recipes, right? I’ll get it. Eventually.  (more…)