soft gingersnap cookies

These chewy, soft gingersnap cookies have a lovely sugary coating and are absolutely bursting with ginger flavour. You'll love this one!

After two weeks in a row baking special requests, this week I was directionless. I had absolutely no idea what to bake. I flipped through my recipe books, and while nothing was really jumping out at me, I was kinda leaning towards a triple chocolate chip cookie (stay tuned, we’ll get to it eventually). But again, while chocolate chip cookies always sound good, I wasn’t really excited about them. And then I saw a recipe for gingersnaps. It’s definitely gingersnap weather. This is one of those cookies that I always associate with winter and Christmastime, and we’re definitely hitting winter weather here. We just had a huge rainstorm, and it’s been windy all day today. It’s this time of year that I start to crave ginger cookies.  (more…)

double chocolate cherry cookies

Rich, dense, Double Chocolate Cherry Cookies – full of dark chocolate chunks and brandy-soaked tart cherries.

OMG, can I just start by saying this is an amazing cookie? Because this? Is an amazing cookie! Wow. Seriously. The cookie itself is intensely chocolate-y, made with both melted chocolate and cocoa powder, plus there are lots of chocolate chunks both inside and on top. And the cherries? Soaked in kirsch. Yum. And on top of all that, there’s a hint of almond flavouring too. My only complaint about this recipe is that it only made 39 cookies, and I want to eat them all. My recommendation would be to make a double recipe. And eat them all fresh from the oven when they’re still soft and gooey.  (more…)

s’mores cookies

Rich & gooey S'mores Cookies, full of marshmallows and chocolate with barely enough cookie to hold them together. One of my most popular cookies!

Normally I’ll pick my weekly cookie recipe based on what I happen to feel like making. This week, however, we have a special request. One of my coworkers (one of my favourite coworkers) is leaving us. Boo! But before she leaves, she’s asked for a couple of going-away cookies. And one of them is s’mores cookies. She’s actually the reason I made the last s’mores cookies I tried, too. See how much I love my coworkers?? This should come as no surprise – my coworkers are awesome.  (more…)

chocolate chip chocolate oatmeal cookies

Chocolate Chip Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies with crunchy walnuts – this is a great cookie jar cookie!

I was thinking a good old-fashioned oatmeal cookie would be good this week. Maybe with some dried cranberries or chocolate chips or something? So that’s what I started out looking for. But then I found this recipe and got a bit sidetracked. Yes, it’s an oatmeal cookie, but with a twist. First off, it’s chocolate oatmeal. Yum! I’ve made chocolate oatmeal cookies before, and they were delicious (which is one of the reasons this recipe caught my eye). Secondly, there’s a hint of coffee added to boost that chocolate flavour. And? Chocolate chips and nuts. Lots of nuts. Two kinds! But that’s only because I ran out of walnuts and had to make up the difference with some pecans (oops). But feel free to use two kinds of nuts, too! Or one. Whatevs. They’re cookies, not rocket science. Use whatever you want!  (more…)

brandied cherry nut cookies

Brandied Cherry Nut Cookies – yes, the cherries in these lovely tender cookies are first soaked in brandy for several hours, then combined with crunchy toasted nuts.

I’ve been wanting to make this particular recipe for a long time but kept forgetting that the cherries need to soak in brandy overnight. Yes, you read that right. The cherries? Soak in brandy for at least 12 hours. Wow. But what kept happening was Sunday would roll around, I’d start getting ready to bake, and I’d realize once again why I haven’t made this recipe yet. This time I actually set myself a reminder on my calendar to make sure I got things started the day before.  (more…)

macadamia chocolate chip cookies

Macadamia Chocolate Chip Cookies – at heart, it's a really good oatmeal chocolate chip cookie, and the macadamia nuts add a beautiful buttery crunch.

When I made the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies with cranberries and pecans a few weeks ago, I kept getting distracted by the recipe on the facing page. Macadamia chocolate chip cookies. Yum, right? I was this close to making this one instead, but I didn’t have enough macadamia nuts. So I added them to my shopping list and made sure I bought some at the first opportunity. I’m so glad I did, because this cookie was worth going out of my way for an ingredient.  (more…)

hawaiian pineapple pecan cookies

Hawaiian Pineapple Pecan Cookies – these cookies have a great chewy texture, and all the flavour of pineapple, coconut, and buttery pecans.

This week’s cookie is a festive tropical combination of pineapple, coconut, and crunchy pecans. I’ll admit, I had a few issues with the recipe. But don’t get turned off, because the final result is fantastic. I ended up eating way more than my share of these cookies, and they were really popular with all my coworkers. This cookie is definitely a winner.  (more…)

mocha latte cookies

Soft and chewy Mocha Latte Cookies – a perfect combination of the flavours of coffee and rich chocolate, with both milk and dark chocolate chips.

Welp, I was planning on making a completely different cookie this week. Usually I just wing it and pick a recipe last minute, but I saw an interesting recipe while I was choosing last week’s cookie, and I reeeeeally wanted to make it, but it required a few specific ingredients that I didn’t have. So I went out and visited two different stores to get what I needed. And when I started getting ready to bake this weekend? I realized I didn’t have any milk. D’oh! What cookie recipe needs milk!? The one I wanted to make, apparently.  (more…)

technical difficulties

You may have noticed this site has been absent for awhile. A looooong while! I’m so sorry about that. Is anyone even still out there? If so, thank you so much for your patience.

My site had a wee problem that was way beyond my abilities to fix. I was able to rope in a friend of mine to help out (thanks J!), but unfortunately we both work full time, so it all had to be squeezed in evenings and weekends. Which meant that it just dragged on (and on and on). But now it’s done and we’re back!!

I’ll be posting a new recipe later today, and probably at least a couple times a week as I try to catch up – the site may have been down, but I’ve still been baking every week. And I have so many cookies to share with you all.

pumpkin chocolate chip cookies with cranberries and pecans

Soft and moist, like a tiny muffin top, these Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies include tart dried cranberries and crunchy toasted pecans.

Guess who got a new cookbook! Yup, yet another new baking book for this girl. I was flipping through the pages when I first got it, and there are so many delicious-looking cookie recipes that I can’t wait to try. I swear I just bookmarked every single page in that section. And first up is a pumpkin cookie, because it’s that time of year again – pumpkin season! I made pumpkin cookies for the first time last year, and they were so good I knew I wanted to make some more this year. And this recipe takes the idea of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and bumps it up even further with the addition of dried cranberries and toasted pecans.  (more…)

butterscotch sundae cookies

Butterscotch Sundae Cookies – Soft and chewy, sweet and butterscotch-y, with a hint of salt from the pecans. And an aroma to die for.

I didn’t have anything particular in mind this week, so I made myself comfortable and flipped through a few of my cookbooks looking for inspiration. This particular recipe is a cookie that I’ve been wanting to make for awhile (I say that a lot, don’t I? well it’s true – there are a lot of cookies I want to make!). Doesn’t this cookie sound amazing? Not sure why I kept bumping it, but I suspect laziness and that one extra step of cooking the pecans in melted butter. Yup, you read that right. The pecans are cooked in butter first. Which honestly? Took no time at all. You just melt the butter, and then cook for a few minutes. Pfft, done. And it was totally worth it. They smelled absolutely amazing, and added another layer of flavour to an already delicious cookie (brown sugar, butterscotch chips, and buttery salted pecans? yes please!)  (more…)

peanut butter nutella sandwich cookies

Peanut Butter Nutella Sandwich Cookies – pairing a perfect, chewy peanut butter cookie with creamy, chocolate-y Nutella filling. Everyone loves this cookie!

In sharp contrast to these amazing cookies (so amazing), there is sadness at work this week – one of our coworkers is leaving us. Boo. You hear me? You know who you are. Boo. Which is why I wanted this week’s cookie to be a little special. Something to remember us by (he’s going to miss my cookies most of all, you know it’s true). He’s told me that peanut butter cookies are his favourites, and I could remember seeing this awesome looking peanut butter sandwich cookie in my travels through my cookbooks one day. I knew I had to find that recipe. Luckily I could remember which of my books it was in (looking for a recipe with no clue which book it’s in? not fun.), and even luckier, I’d had the foresight to flag it with a post-it note. We were go for cookies.  (more…)

orange cookies with cherries and chocolate

These Orange Cookies with Cherries and Chocolate Chips are incredibly soft and flavourful.

After making chocolate chip cookies last week, I was thinking of doing something completely different this week. But. I remembered a recipe I’d bookmarked a while ago and I suddenly couldn’t get it out of my mind. Yes, it has chocolate chips, but it’s not primarily a chocolate chip cookie. What really caught my eye was the dried cherries and candied orange peel. Does that count as completely different? Yup. Close enough.

Of course, the thing that really attracted me to this cookie was the inclusion of candied orange peel. If you’ve been to this blog before, you’ll probably know that I loooove citrus. And the thought of tart cherries, orange and chocolate? Well that just sounded amazing, right?  (more…)

cakey chocolate chip cookies

Cakey Chocolate Chip Cookies, beautifully soft and tender, and loaded with lots of chocolate chips in every bite.

This weekend I was just craving a chocolate chip cookie. Chocolate chip may sound like a really basic cookie, but there are sooooo many different ways to make them. Dense and chewy, crisp and crumbly, with nuts and all kinds of other inclusions (and that’s just a few examples – it’s never-ending!). This week we’re making a soft, cakey chocolate chip cookie. I know not everyone likes cakey cookies, but I’m definitely partial to those soft, fluffy little bites. And my coworkers always love them too.  (more…)

cherry popsicles

Enjoy the bounty of summer with these delicious cherry popsicles. Sweet and juicy and full of flavour.

If you’ve read many of my posts, you’ll know that I generally prefer savoury things over sweet (which is really weird for someone with a baking blog, right?). I mean I love chocolate (loooooooove), and cakes and cookies and pies are always welcome, but I’m not a big fan of purely sugary sweets. I’ll pass on most candies. If I’m asked to choose between fruit or a vegetable? I’ll almost always go for the vegetable. I could eat an entire bag of fresh peas in one sitting, but if you offer me some cherries, I might have one or two if I have any at all.

I grew up in a small town with a lot of fruit orchards, and almost everyone had apple and cherry trees on their property. I distinctly remember my best friend and I climbing and parking ourselves up the cherry tree for the day, eating every cherry within reach (and hoping her parents didn’t see us and yell at us to come down and stop eating all their cherries). I don’t know if my tastes changed as I grew up, or if I just got it all out of my system when I was younger. Regardless, when I see fresh cherries at the farmers market, it just doesn’t really excite me. Meh. Which is unfortunate, because there are a lot of them, and I can acknowledge that they look amazing right now at their peak.  (more…)