raspberry cream sandwich cookies

These Raspberry Cream Sandwich Cookies combine a delicate vanilla cookie with a sweet cream filling made with real raspberries.

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I don’t know about where you are, but here? It’s berry season. It’s also farmer’s market season, and I am hitting the market every single weekend. Love it! Right now, I can pretty much guarantee I’m filling my shopping bags each week with early season blueberries (still slightly tart), English peas (lots – I could live on fresh peas!), young carrots, cucumbers, patty pan squash, plus anything else that catches my eye. Last weekend one of the farmers was selling hand-carved chopsticks. They were so gorgeous, I had to buy a couple pair. And right now, there are also tons of beautiful plump raspberries. Which reminded me, I’d flagged a recipe for some raspberry sandwich cookies awhile back. Time to make those, yes?  (more…)

chocolate knobs

Chocolate Knobs may not be the best name, but trust me – this is the best cookie. Dense and incredibly chocolate-y, with crunchy pecans for texture.

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Yes, you read that right. These cookies are called chocolate knobs. What a name, right? But that was the original name in the cookbook, and I wasn’t sure what else to call them. Chocolate cookies doesn’t do them justice – they are incredibly chocolate-y, especially considering they’re made with cocoa powder and not melted chocolate. But yes, they are chocolate-y. And dense, and gooey like a slightly under-baked brownie. I just couldn’t think of anything more descriptive for this cookie, and honestly, the name makes me giggle. Because apparently I’m 12. So chocolate knobs it is. (heh)  (more…)

chocolate toffee cookies

Chocolate Toffee Cookies – soft & chewy, dense and chocolatey, with lots of chocolate chips and bits of sweet toffee throughout.

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Once again I was going to make a cookie requested by one of my coworkers. Last week, I couldn’t make it because I didn’t realize the dough needed to be refrigerated. This time I knew that, but I just procrastinated too long. Oops. In my defence, I was binge-watching Archer on Netflix. Important stuff.

So we’re having chocolate cookies instead!

This is one of those recipes that’s like a brownie in cookie form (which reminds me – I need to make brownies one of these days). There’s a tiny bit of butter melted with chocolate (a half pound of chocolate! woof!), then mixed with sugar, eggs, and just a quarter cup of flour. And then? Two full cups of add-ins are stirred in to just over 2 cups of dough. I like those proportions!  (more…)

coconut lime popsicles

These coconut lime popsicles are creamy, delicious, and so refreshing for a hot summer day. Not to mention super easy to make.

I don’t know what the weather is like where you are, but it’s unseasonably warm here in Vancouver, and it’s feeling like popsicle season. Last year I don’t think I even started making popsicles until late July! I made a couple of different lime popsicles last summer – both of which were fantastic – and you can definitely expect to see more lime this year. I may have mentioned before, but I loooove citrus any time of year, but especially now. It’s such a refreshing summer flavour, right?  (more…)


These Snickerdoodles have the cinnamon flavour you'd expect, plus a bit of nutmeg and molasses for a slightly richer flavour.

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Unlike the last snickerdoodles I made (which were, incidentally, the first snickerdoodles I’d ever made – so I’m not exactly working with a wealth of experience here), these contain nutmeg and a bit of molasses, giving them a richer flavour. But just like the last ones, these didn’t spread or puff up or crack like they were supposed to. I’m determined to crack the snickerdoodles secret! I’m just going to have to keep trying recipes, right? I’ll get it. Eventually.  (more…)

triple play peanut butter cookies

Triple Play Peanut Butter Cookies – with peanut butter, peanut butter chips, and chopped peanuts. AND chocolate chips.

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So. This week I had promised a friend that I would make a specific cookie for her. You can guess where this is going, right? I bought the ingredients and was all ready to bake them Sunday evening… and then I realized that I’d missed the part of the recipe where they need to be refrigerated overnight before baking. Oops. So I had to scramble to find a backup recipe. Luckily, I have lots of recipes flagged, so it was just a matter of narrowing it down and finding something that I have all the ingredients for. How about peanut butter cookies? Peanut butter cookies are always good. And always welcomed. And I aways have those ingredients.  (more…)

brown butter bourbon chocolate chip cookies

Made with browned butter, Kentucky bourbon, and fresh tarragon, these soft and gooey Bourbon Chocolate Chip Cookies have a great, rich flavour.

Made with browned butter, Kentucky bourbon, and fresh tarragon, these soft and gooey Bourbon Chocolate Chip Cookies have a great, rich flavour.

Will anyone be surprised to hear that I just got a few new cookbooks? No? It’s like you guys know me! So yes, I got some new cookbooks. Wheee! One of them, Ovenly, is from a bakery known for interesting and unique combinations of flavours. And when I first flipped through the pages of this book, this particular recipe really jumped out at me.

Bourbon? Oh yes please. Chocolate chips? YUM. Tarragon? Uh… what? I really wasn’t sure how this cookie would turn out. But I was intrigued, and less than a week after I got the book, I was shopping for tarragon. And apparently I saw “tarragon” in the ingredients list and stopped reading, because I didn’t even realize until I started prepping ingredients that this cookie is made with browned butter too. Oh mama. I had high hopes for this cookie.

Spoiler alert – it delivered.  (more…)

vietnamese iced coffee popsicles

Sweet, creamy, Vietnamese iced coffee popsicles – perfectly refreshing on a sunny day.

We’re finally seeing some beautiful weather here in Vancouver (I can’t believe it’s almost June!!), and one of my coworkers had a bit of a conundrum the other day. It was mid-afternoon, she needed a pick-me-up, but couldn’t decide between a coffee and a popsicle, and bemoaned the fact that we didn’t have any coffee popsicles in the freezer (yes, we have popsicles in the freezer). So of course I needed to remedy that, stat. I’ve pinned several recipes for cappuccino popsicles and mocha popsicles, and even plain coffee popsicles, but it was the idea of Vietnamese iced coffee popsicle that won out (I’ll make the others eventually).  (more…)

old-fashioned sugar cookies

These old-fashioned sugar cookies are soft and chewy with a lovely crispy exterior, and great lemon flavour.

I usually only make one cookie a week (only! ha!), but this week I was baking some cookies to take to a friend who wasn’t feeling well, and sugar cookies are her favourite. And I’ve had my eye on this recipe for awhile. The only sugar cookies I’ve ever made have been roll-out cookies – which are great when I want to play with my cookie cutters, but it’s a bit more time-consuming than I wanted for a mid-week cookie. I wanted something quick. And I loved the idea of starting with a drop cookie and just sprinkling it with sugar before baking. Simple. Gotta love simple recipes.

And gotta love sugar cookies. Sometimes the most basic cookies are the best, right?  (more…)

toffee crunchers


This week’s cookie is a recipe that I stumbled across in one of my cookbooks one day, and was totally intrigued by the ingredients list. Spoiler – that crunch in the title? Is from Rice Krispies and potato chips. Whaaat? Yup. So of course I flagged it and went out and actually bought the cereal and chips just for this cookie, and have been looking forward to trying it forEVER.  (more…)

chocolate diablo cookies

These Chocolate Diablo Cookies are dense and incredibly chocolate-y, with heat from fresh ginger and cayenne pepper contrasted by sweet milk chocolate.
These Chocolate Diablo Cookies are dense and incredibly chocolate-y, with heat from fresh ginger and cayenne pepper contrasted by sweet milk chocolate.

These Chocolate Diablo Cookies are dense and incredibly chocolate-y, with heat from fresh ginger and cayenne pepper contrasted by sweet milk chocolate.

We in Vancouver will say we’re on the west coast – and we are, we’re totally a port city. But when we look west, we don’t see open ocean. We see Vancouver Island. The other side of the island is the true west coast. That’s where you’ll find the beautiful Long Beach and fishing villages and lots of little surf spots. And it’s home to Mexican food truck Tacofino, named after both the town of Tofino and the delicious delicious tacos the truck is best known for. They’ve since branched out, with both food trucks and sit-down restaurants in Vancouver and elsewhere in the province. And I consider myself so, so lucky that I work near one of their food truck locations and when I’m craving good Mexican food, I can enjoy a fish taco (or 2) for lunch pretty much any time I want. Followed by one of their Diablo Cookies for dessert, of course. Seriously, decadently good.  (more…)


If you love ginger cookies, you're gonna love these gingersnaps. They have a lovely crunch and a great ginger flavour.

It’s probably just me, but when I think of ginger cookies, I automatically think “gingerbread”. And while I love gingerbread cookies, to me it’s very much a seasonal flavour, so I really only make them in the fall and at xmas-time. And for some reason, I totally forget about other options when it comes to ginger cookies. Like gingersnaps! Who doesn’t love gingersnaps? Were they a childhood staple for anyone else? I don’t think my mom ever baked them (I’ve mentioned before that she’s not a big fan of the baking), but she would often buy the bags of hard, crispy gingersnaps, the ones that are perfect for dunking in milk (because they were so crunchy you couldn’t really eat them without softening them up a bit first!).  (more…)

chunky peanut, chocolate, cinnamon cookies

Chunky Peanut, Chocolate, Cinnamon Cookies – soft, and chewy, and so, so peanut-y and chocolate-y. This is my new favourite peanut butter cookie!

I’ve made a lot of peanut butter cookies over the years, and have posted quite a few recipes here already. I’m always quite confident in saying that my preference is for crumbly peanut butter cookies (especially Dorie Greenspan’s), because that’s the type of cookie that reminds me of my childhood. With this cookie, however, I’m finding myself changing my tune. Man, this is one good cookie.

I ate five of them fresh from the oven. Five. Oops.

This is my new favourite peanut butter cookie. Definitely.  (more…)

cranberry pecan oatmeal cookies

Cranberry Pecan Oatmeal Cookies – dense and chewy, with crunch from the pecans, tartness from the cranberries, balanced by the sweet white chocolate.

This week’s cookie is just a good, old-fashioned oatmeal cookie – the kind that everyone loves. Everyone loves oatmeal cookies, right? One of my coworkers, at the very least, gets really excited every time I bring them in. Seriously, I think I make her week. And I have yet to meet an oatmeal cookie that I don’t like. I even like oatmeal raisin cookies (shhhh, don’t tell anyone).  (more…)

rainbow vegetarian chili

This vibrantly coloured rainbow vegetarian chili is hearty and filling, with a nice bit of heat, and loaded with a wide variety of vegetables and beans.

Today was foggy and grey and raining all day. I know a lot of people hate weather like this, but I’ve never minded it at all. As long as I don’t have to go out in it! It’s perfect weather to stay home and curl up on the couch or putter in the kitchen. Or maybe even a little of both. Once I finally rolled out of bed, I baked a batch of my favourite bran muffins in the morning, watched a couple episodes of The Returned on Netflix in the afternoon (it’s getting spooky!), and then had a pot of chili simmering on the stove in the evening. That’s what I call a great Saturday. This recipe is another one that I make regularly and almost always have at least one serving of in my freezer. It’s spicy, hearty and filling (but not heavy), and loaded with tons of vegetables and beans.  (more…)