Girl-led meeting: Aquatic Ambassadors Challenge

As part of their Canada Cord, each 3rd year is responsible for leading a meeting this year! We’re kicking off a fun series of girl-led meetings with the Aquatic Ambassadors Challenge!

This challenge will explore themes related to marine life, ocean plastics, and water conservation. Check out the activity information in Girls First, and check out the cute crest below!

Also, tonight is last call for anyone that still has cookie money or dues outstanding. Please speak with a leader if you have any questions about this.

Nov 13th Special Event: Enrolment Outing

Please note we will not be meeting at the church this week!

We’re heading out for dessert for a lovely enrolment outing!

Drop off is at Off the Grid Waffle Cafe at 5943 Fraser Street at 7:00pm.

Pick up is at 8:30pm from the same location.

Uniforms are mandatory.

More information is available here:  Enrolment Outing

Also, if you have not returned your cookie money in full yet, please bring any monies owing back tonight.


It’s all about camp!

1st and 2nd years will be learning about packing and gear planning.

3rd years, bring your homework (scroll down to posts from Oct 16 for more on that!) as we’ll be continuing our discussions about gold camp/event planning.

Reminder that cookie money and camp forms and payment for this weekend’s camp to Camp Olave are due tonight! Please speak with a leader if you have any questions about either of those.

Halloween Party This Week!

We’re going to have a howlin’ good time at our Halloween pizza party this week! You’re welcome to come in costume and bring a little snack to share. Also bring a device or camera for taking photos! We’ll be ordering pizza and bringing beverages for everyone, so you don’t need to have dinner before you come!

Reminder that fall cookie money, dues, and forms and payment for our fall camp at Camp Olave from Nov 9 – 11 are due tonight. Talk to a leader if you’d like to use your cookie money towards camp!

Meeting Updates – Oct 23 and 30

Reminder that there is no meeting on October 23!

On October 30, we’re celebrating Hallowe’en with a treatza-pizza party and games night! Come in costume and bring a treat to share, plus your favourite board or card game to play. Please ensure your treat is 100% nut-free. We’ll be ordering pizza for everyone, so you don’t need to have dinner before you come.

Also, unit dues of $50 for the year, fall cookie money, and camp forms and payment for our fall camp to Camp Olave are due on October 30. Please speak to a leader if you have any questions about any of those items.

Canada Cord Homework (3rd Years)

We’re on a roll with our camp planning!

3rd years who are planning on completing their Canada Cord will need to plan a Gold Camp, to be help in April – July 2020. Please take some time to start planning your Gold Camp using this worksheet.

Bring your completed worksheet to the meeting on November 6 to review with other 3rd years, and to work on next steps towards your Gold Camp.

Also, each 3rd year Pathfinder will lead a regular unit meeting in November or early 2020. Use this handy planning document to start putting together your girl-led meeting plans. Think about some of the priority learning areas we discussed at the beginning of the year, and check out the Girls First platform for program ideas and inspiration! We’ll work on this on November 6 as well.

This week and CAMP!

On October 16, it’s all about CAMP! We’re going to be planning our November camp at Camp Olave, so bring your theme activities, meal ideas, and devices to research travel options! 3rd years working on your Canada Cords – we’re going to start planning gold camps for spring and summer, so be sure to bring your availability and some ideas of where you’d like to camp (in tents), if you’re working on the Canada Cord camping option.

Forms and information for fall camp at Camp Olave on Nov 9 – 11 are available on the website now, so you can start bringing in your forms and payment of $80 now until October 30! Remember, you can use your cookie cash towards camp so speak with Christa if you have any questions about how much cookie cash you have in your cookie bank.

Other important announcement:

There will be no meeting on October 23.

Fall cookie money is due October 30, so please bring it in tonight or on October 30.

What riding are you in?

For our October 9th meeting, we will be talking once again about the election.

Please come prepared to answer the following questions:

  •  What is the name of the riding you live in?
  •  Where does your riding vote?
  •  What candidates are running for which parties in your riding?
  •  Who is the current Member of Parliament for your riding? What party are they with?
  • What question(s) would you be interested in asking your local candidates if you got a chance?

Resources to help:  

Elections Canada –

House of Commons –

And during our last meeting, we selected our Halloween and Enrolment activities through a ranked ballot. This is the type of system that political parties use to select their leader. It is also used in many democracies around the world.

Here’s a simple description of how ranked ballots work:

Find more resources here:

And more about the Pathfinder Program…

Also – download this Condensed Pathfinder Program Book book. You can use this to help guide your Pathfinder journey, and learn more about what’s required to complete your Canada Cord! We’ll be working more with this tool in the coming weeks.

Unit Agreement

This week, we collaborated on a unit agreement to help ensure our meetings are safe, productive, and fun! Here are the guidelines we all agreed to:

Be kind and inclusive (Include people, introduce yourself, say hi, talk to people. Don’t use hurtful words.)

Be helpful (Help clean up, help others when they need it, share information)

Be responsible (Hand in your papers. Be organized. Keep your word if you say you are going to be there, show up. Clean your camping gear – especially borrowed gear. Pick up trash)

Speak so others can understand (Explain jokes)

Be active (Participate in activities, share, be curious. Think of new things as a puzzle to work out. Ask questions)

Be open minded and positive (Look at different perspectives)

Try new things

Encourage others (You can do it!)

Use phones as a tool, not a distraction