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This Double Chocolate Cranberry Cookie is for true chocoholics – a rich, moist chocolate cookie, loaded with even more chocolate chunks plus tart dried cranberries.

double chocolate cranberry cookies

I knew exactly what cookie I wanted to make this week. I bought all the ingredients and everything. And then… Continue reading »

Double Chocolate Reese's Pieces Cookies – rich chocolate cookies loaded with lots of dark chocolate chips, with bursts of peanut butter flavour throughout!

double chocolate reese’s pieces cookies

Most weeks when I choose what to bake, I end up just idly flipping through the pages of my cookbooks… Continue reading »

These Mexican Chocolate Snickerdoodles are soft chocolate cookies with a bit of added heat from some cayenne pepper, coated in sweet cinnamon sugar.

mexican chocolate snickerdoodles

I wasn’t particularly craving anything this week, so I just flipped through the pages of my cookbooks until something caught… Continue reading »

These Milk Chocolate Cookies have a perfect melt-in-your-mouth chewy texture and the delicious flavour of a hot chocolate. It's a favourite among my coworkers!

milk chocolate cookies

I’m continuing the chocolate trend this week, but this cookie is very different from last week’s. There’s a lot of… Continue reading »

If you're craving chocolate, this Triple Chocolate Cranberry Cookie is for you – a chocolate cookie, plus two kinds of chocolate chips, plus tart dried cranberries.

triple chocolate cranberry cookies

I suddenly realized it’s been awhile since I’ve made a chocolate cookie. And I just happened to be totally craving… Continue reading »

White Chocolate Chip Fudge Cookies – a moist, chewy, fudge-y cookie studded with lots of sweet white chocolate chips. This one's a favourite!

white chocolate chip fudge cookies

There’s a lot of chocolate in these cookies – two kinds of melted chocolate, plus lots of cocoa powder. And… Continue reading »

Nutty Triple Chocolate Brownie Cookies – rich chocolate cookies loaded with both white and dark chocolate chips, plus two kinds of toasted nuts!

nutty triple chocolate brownie cookies

Let me start off by saying omg, this is a good cookie. I was tempted to double this recipe when… Continue reading »

The outside of these Chocolate Sugar Cookies may be crisp, but they almost melt in your mouth. And the flavour? Deliciously sweet and oh-so chocolate-y.

melt-in-your-mouth chocolate sugar cookies

After making the chocolate biscotti a few weeks ago, I realized I haven’t been making many chocolate cookies lately. Oh,… Continue reading »

Perfectly crispy and intensely chocolate-y, these Double Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti are great as-is, but even better when dipped in coffee. One of my favourites!

double chocolate hazelnut biscotti

I feel like I’m getting into a bit of a rut, cookie-wise. Work has been pretty busy for me lately,… Continue reading »

Chewy Chocolate Ginger Cookies – a rich, dense, chocolate cookie, with a bit of heat from lots of tiny pieces of candied ginger. A perfect combination!

chewy chocolate ginger cookies

I’m thinking it’s time for a chocolate cookie. Does anyone not want a chocolate cookie?? But not a plain chocolate… Continue reading »

Double chocolate peppermint cookies, full of lots of chocolate chips and topped with crunchy crushed candy cane. A perfect combination of flavours.

double chocolate peppermint cookies

It is definitely baking season. I went to stock up on sugar the other day and the shelf was almost… Continue reading »

Double chocolate peanut butter swirl cookies – a rich chocolate cookie, with chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, and smooth peanut butter swirled throughout.

double chocolate peanut butter swirl cookies

This is my second cookie using the Milk & Cookies double chocolate base cookie recipe. The first time I made… Continue reading »

Rich, dense, Double Chocolate Cherry Cookies – full of dark chocolate chunks and brandy-soaked tart cherries.

double chocolate cherry cookies

OMG, can I just start by saying this is an amazing cookie? Because this? Is an amazing cookie! Wow. Seriously…. Continue reading »

Chocolate Chip Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies with crunchy walnuts – this is a great cookie jar cookie!

chocolate chip chocolate oatmeal cookies

I was thinking a good old-fashioned oatmeal cookie would be good this week. Maybe with some dried cranberries or chocolate… Continue reading »

Soft and chewy Mocha Latte Cookies – a perfect combination of the flavours of coffee and rich chocolate, with both milk and dark chocolate chips.

mocha latte cookies

Welp, I was planning on making a completely different cookie this week. Usually I just wing it and pick a… Continue reading »