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Butterscotch combines with peanut butter to create a totally new flavour, in these Peanut Butter Butterscotch Chip Cookies.

peanut butter butterscotch chip cookies – revisited

I’ve got a rule here for this blog – I never make the same recipe twice. Sometimes to my coworkers’… Continue reading »

Butterscotch Sundae Cookies – Soft and chewy, sweet and butterscotch-y, with a hint of salt from the pecans. And an aroma to die for.

butterscotch sundae cookies

I didn’t have anything particular in mind this week, so I made myself comfortable and flipped through a few of… Continue reading »

No-bake Crispy Rocky Road Bars – with chocolate, butterscotch, peanut butter, crispy rice cereal, and mini marshmallows. You'll love them!

crispy rocky road bars

I’ve mentioned the last couple weeks that it’s unseasonably hot here in Vancouver. It’s still stupid hot. My kitchen was… Continue reading »

There's a lot of flavour in these Buttery Toffee Pecan Cookies – buttery toffee bits and butterscotch and butter-rum flavouring, plus crunchy pecans.

buttery toffee pecan cookies

I honestly wasn’t sure what to title this recipe. The original name is Butter-Pecan Fantasies, but that name just doesn’t… Continue reading »

Peanut Butter Oatmeal Monster Cookies – soft and chewy, loaded with chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, and Mini M&Ms. You'll love this cookie!

peanut butter oatmeal monster cookies

A couple weeks ago when I made the dark chocolate sour cherry cookies, I mentioned that I’d put the recipe… Continue reading »

Butterscotch Chews cookies are so so soft and chewy, and loaded with butterscotch flavour and crunchy pecans.

butterscotch chews

November/December is the time of year when all the food blogs explode with cookies and treats and brunch recipes for… Continue reading »

Brown Sugar Butterscotch Cookies – soft and chewy and loaded with butterscotch chips.

brown sugar butterscotch cookies

This is the second brown sugar butterscotch cookie I’m posting here (coincidentally both from the same cookbook), and I learned… Continue reading »

Chow Mein Noodle Cookies – sweet and crunchy and slightly salty.

chow mein noodle cookies

This is it – my favourite of my mom’s no-bake cookie recipes from when I was a kid! She never… Continue reading »

peanut butter butterscotch chip cookies

peanut butter butterscotch chip cookies

This is another recipe that was a contender a couple weeks ago but got passed over for something else (it’s… Continue reading »

cowboy cookies

crazy cowboy cookies

I’ve never been sure what a “cowboy cookie” is. It’s not a term I ever heard growing up, but as… Continue reading »

peanut butter butterscotch no bake cookies

peanut butter butterscotch no-bake cookies

It’s another no-bake week! Not just because it’s too hot, but because I’m all baked out. A friend of mine… Continue reading »

brown sugar butterscotch cookies

It’s turned cloudy and rainy here in Vancouver, and I’m feeling a bit lazy, so this week I looked for… Continue reading »