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she’s baaaaaaack…

Well. Almost. I really didn’t mean to take such a long hiatus – it just kinda happened. Sorry!

back in the saddle… sorta…

Well the kitchen is mostly unpacked and set up (I have a lot of stuff still packed long-term) and we’re… Continue reading »

my kitchen is in boxes

Just a quick update – I moved yesterday and haven’t even begun to unpack. It took the best part of… Continue reading »

counting down to the move

I’m afraid this is another cookie-less weekend. I actually had planned to make something to snack on while I get… Continue reading »

an update on the apartment situation

I wanted to thank all of you who had kind words for me after my stressed-out post last week. Seriously,… Continue reading »


I’m afraid I got nothin’ for you this week! Except some sad news. Sad for me anyway. As much as… Continue reading »

technical difficulties

You may have noticed this site has been absent for awhile. A looooong while! I’m so sorry about that. Is… Continue reading »

volume vs weight measurements

volume vs weight measurements

You may have heard it said that if you want to get serious about baking, you should absolutely be measuring… Continue reading »

buckling down

When I started this blog, I planned to make one post a week. And I’ve been really good about baking… Continue reading »

playing catch-up

If anyone’s wondering why I have posts showing up in a weird order (if anyone has even noticed), it’s because… Continue reading »

technical difficulties

I seem to be having some server issues or something. I can only connect to my site intermittently and keep… Continue reading »

technical difficulties…

If anyone is waiting for an update, unfortunately it’s going to be a few days yet. Someone (ahem) spilled an… Continue reading »