buckling down

When I started this blog, I planned to make one post a week. And I’ve been really good about baking something every single week! I’ve hardly missed any days at all – usually just because of holidays, and even then I tried to double-up the week before to compensate. But my posting? Yikes. That’s another matter all together. I’ve fallen so far behind it’s not even funny. 

At first, I tried to get everything written and edited and posted the same day I did my baking. Exhausting!

So then I figured I’d give myself a day and do my baking on Sundays and make my posts on Mondays. Yeah, that didn’t last long either. I struggled along for a few weeks, but then I started missing posts. As someone who works full-time and is handling all of this on her own, it was just too much in too short a time.

Trying to work in such a tight timeframe just caused me to procrastinate and fall even farther behind.

So finally, I decided to give myself a full week to get everything organized and ready to post. That’s working for me time-wise. However, I’m still managing to have a backlog of recipes that I haven’t gotten around to posting. I have absolutely no excuses. Laziness. Is laziness an excuse?

I didn’t realize how spotty my posting really was until I started to track it on a calendar. I honestly thought I was only skipping a week here or there. Nope. Once I saw a visual representation, I realized there were sometimes huge gaps between my posts. It’s ridiculous. So I had a firm talk with myself and am going to buckle down and upload a minimum of one post a week, but I’m aiming for two. Hopefully once I’m caught up on all of my old posts, I’ll have more of a routine going and will be able to continue this schedule by baking things twice a week.

Wish me luck!

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