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These really are the Ultimate Kitchen Sink Cookies – coconut, oatmeal, rich dark chocolate, toasted pecans, and little bursts of sweetness from the toffee bits.

ultimate kitchen sink cookies

I’m sure we’ve all had kitchen sink cookies – those cookies that you just throw a little of everything into,… Continue reading »

These Old-Fashioned Snickerdoodles are perfectly soft with a slightly tangy flavour, coated with that classic combination of sugar and cinnamon.

old-fashioned snickerdoodles

For a classic cookie, it’s surprising that the only snickerdoodles I’ve ever eaten are the ones I’ve made myself. Are… Continue reading »

Perfectly crispy and intensely chocolate-y, these Double Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti are great as-is, but even better when dipped in coffee. One of my favourites!

double chocolate hazelnut biscotti

I feel like I’m getting into a bit of a rut, cookie-wise. Work has been pretty busy for me lately,… Continue reading »

Crunchy Chewy Coconut Oatmeal Cookies – delicious oatmeal and coconut, plus the addition of buttery toasted pecans and rice cereal add a perfect crunchy texture.

crunchy chewy coconut oatmeal cookies

I know what you’re wondering. How can a chewy coconut oatmeal cookie be crunchy too? I’ll tell you – with… Continue reading »

Brightly coloured vegetarian paella – a delicious and filling blend of rice, vegetables, and legumes.

vegetarian paella

Check it out, I actually have some real food to share with you this week. Yes, yes, contrary to what… Continue reading »

Classic Cowboy Cookies – a rich, chewy oatmeal cookie, loaded with coconut, crunchy toasted pecans, and lots of gooey chocolate chips. Delicious!

cowboy cookies take 2

This is my second “cowboy cookie” recipe and I think I now have a better understanding of what a “cowboy… Continue reading »

These Ginger Citrus Cookies are wonderfully flavourful spiced molasses cookies, with candied citrus peel for a refreshing twist.

ginger citrus cookies – cookie swap

It’s Cookie Swap season!! That time of year when us baking nerds get together and get all excited about cookies!… Continue reading »

These chewy, soft gingersnap cookies have a lovely sugary coating and are absolutely bursting with ginger flavour. You'll love this one!

soft gingersnap cookies

After two weeks in a row baking special requests, this week I was directionless. I had absolutely no idea what… Continue reading »

Rich, dense, Double Chocolate Cherry Cookies – full of dark chocolate chunks and brandy-soaked tart cherries.

double chocolate cherry cookies

OMG, can I just start by saying this is an amazing cookie? Because this? Is an amazing cookie! Wow. Seriously…. Continue reading »

Hawaiian Pineapple Pecan Cookies – these cookies have a great chewy texture, and all the flavour of pineapple, coconut, and buttery pecans.

hawaiian pineapple pecan cookies

This week’s cookie is a festive tropical combination of pineapple, coconut, and crunchy pecans. I’ll admit, I had a few… Continue reading »

Soft and chewy Mocha Latte Cookies – a perfect combination of the flavours of coffee and rich chocolate, with both milk and dark chocolate chips.

mocha latte cookies

Welp, I was planning on making a completely different cookie this week. Usually I just wing it and pick a… Continue reading »

Soft and moist, like a tiny muffin top, these Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies include tart dried cranberries and crunchy toasted pecans.

pumpkin chocolate chip cookies with cranberries and pecans

Guess who got a new cookbook! Yup, yet another new baking book for this girl. I was flipping through the… Continue reading »

Butterscotch Sundae Cookies – Soft and chewy, sweet and butterscotch-y, with a hint of salt from the pecans. And an aroma to die for.

butterscotch sundae cookies

I didn’t have anything particular in mind this week, so I made myself comfortable and flipped through a few of… Continue reading »

No-bake Crispy Rocky Road Bars – with chocolate, butterscotch, peanut butter, crispy rice cereal, and mini marshmallows. You'll love them!

crispy rocky road bars

I’ve mentioned the last couple weeks that it’s unseasonably hot here in Vancouver. It’s still stupid hot. My kitchen was… Continue reading »

Lemon Buttermilk Popsicles – combining tart lemon and tangy buttermilk for a creamy, sweet, summer treat. This is one of my favourites!

lemon buttermilk popsicles

Okay, first off? Don’t be scared off by the word “buttermilk”! I was shocked to discover how many of my… Continue reading »