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Mocha Walnut Cherry Cookies – a delicately flavoured shortbread, studded with crunchy walnuts and sweet cherries.

mocha walnut cherry cookies

After a summer of no-bake cookies and popsicles (omg, so many popsicles!), I was really starting to miss baking. So… Continue reading »

sugar crunch cookies

sugar crunch cookies

I’ve mentioned many times before that I’m a fan of sugar cookies. And that I simply don’t understand people who… Continue reading »

cookie shot glasses

cookie shot glasses

Has everyone seen the new cookie shot glasses that are making the blog rounds? It was announced recently by Dominique… Continue reading »

coconut orange cookies

coconut orange butter cookies

This week I had a craving for something with coconut. And I knew I’d seen some pretty little cookies dipped… Continue reading »

jam thumbprint cookies

jam thumbprint cookies

This is the cookie featured on the cover of The Gourmet Cookie Book. They look SO pretty – perfectly round… Continue reading »

fresh ginger molasses cookies

fresh ginger molasses cookies

Ginger cookies are one of those foods I associate with colder weather. I always start thinking about making them in… Continue reading »

lemon poppyseed cookies

lemon poppy seed cookies

I love citrus, especially in the summer. Lemon tarts and homemade sorbet, fresh squeezed lemonade, lime mojitos and margaritas. So… Continue reading »

grammy’s chocolate cookies

You know how sometimes you’ll see a beautiful chocolate cookie at a café or bakery, and it’s such a gorgeous… Continue reading »

peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

I think there are two main camps when it comes to peanut butter cookies. Those who love them soft and… Continue reading »

oat and coconut cookies

According to the cookbook, this recipe is based on the Australian Anzac cookies. I’d never heard of them, but of… Continue reading »


I had no idea what snickerdoodles were until I baked these cookies. Are they a regional thing? Because when I… Continue reading »